Wealth Management

Looking for investment advise and guidance - Our house view on what is Wealth mangement?

Wealth management is the looking after customers present and future financial needs.
Managing your wealth to give you the life style you want.

We construct investment portfolios and advises on how to prepare for personal financial goals. What would determine the type of saving or invesment portfolio apart from your future plans and goals would be:

Attitutue to risk

Your own attitude to risk is crucial. Some people are happy to live with a risk to their investment if it means the chance of a higher return in the end. Others are 'risk averse' and don't want to risk their capital under any circumstances, while many will sit somewhere in the middle. Only you can judge what level of risk you feel comfortable with and you should think seriously about whether you can afford to lose money or lock it away for a sustained period. All investment carries a degree of risk so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. We aim to educate you on the potential upwards and downside so you can make an informed choice.

Capacity for risk: Risk capacity, unlike tolerance, is the maximum amount of risk that the investor "must" take in order to reach financial goals. The rate of return necessary to reach these goals can be estimated by examining time frames and income requirements. Then, rate of return information can be used to help the investor decide upon the types of investments to engage in and, the level of risk to take on. Risk level and return level go hand in hand.

Length of investment: The length of time the investment is for also determines the level of risk that should be taken.For example: a 35 year person who plans to retire in 30 years time has lots more capacity to take risk at the start of a monthly pension plan than for a collage savings plan that will be needed in 3 years time.

The investment portion of wealth management normally entails both asset allocation of a whole portfolio as well as the selection of individual investments. The planning function of wealth management often incorporates tax planning around the investment portfolio as well as estate planning.

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